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-New Music Miami Festival Alumni Composers concert -FIU. (February 2021) Fl. Pulse of life – Fixed media. (YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

-Women of note. Piano piece "Clave cubana" performed by Max Lifchitz. North/South Consonance Inc. (October 2020, National Opera center. New York.)

-13th Havana Bienal. Multimedia piece: "Blue Journey in a Yellow Cube". (April - May 2019, Havana. Cuba)

- New Music Ensamble and FIU Students composer concert. College of Architecture + The Arts. (April 2017, Miami Beach Urban Studio).


-XXIX Festival de la Habana de Música Contemporánea. UNEAC. (Cuba, November 2016).


 -Concert performed by Apollo Chambers Players and composer Dr. Arthur Gottschalk. World Premiere. (May 2016, Texas, Houston.)


-Documentary premiere: “A day in the life of a firefighter” directed by Leana Edwards. Music: Maureen Reyes. FIU Journalism class. College of Architecture + The Arts. (May 2016, Miami Beach Urban Studio).


-Festival de Mujeres en la Música. GETXO 2016. Concert performed by Anna Margules. Escuela de música Andres Isasi. (May 2016, Madrid Spain).


-XXXVII International Forum of New Music “Manuel Enríquez” with the word premier of the piece: “Scherzo” Performed by Trio Cello Alterno. (June 2015, Mexico DF).


-IAWM Online Congress 2015. (April 2015, United States.)


-Musicalia Concert. (January 2015, Alexandria, Italy.)


-Fonema Festival. (October 2014, Mexico DF.)


-World premiere of “Recycle” in the XXVII Festival of Contempoarary Music of Havana. (November 2014, Cuba.)

-Performance of  “South Winds” in the 3rd Iberian Meeting of Recorders: Erta Iberia. (May 2014, Oporto. Portugal)


-Invited by REMLABS (Rice Electronic Music Labs) for the “Electric Syzygy IV Concert” in Rice University. Houston, April 2014.


-Performance of “Pulse of Life” Festival Latin is American 2nd Edition. Michigan State University, October 2013.


-Performance of “Oshosi” Proelectronic Festival (3rd edition), sponsored by the Office of Cultural Institution Propositions PM Records under the general direction of  Pablo Milanes and the Cuban Institute of Music, UNESCO and LNME. (July 2013, Ludwig Foundation of Cuba).


-World premier of “Entering in the City” Concert in the Conservatory of Music to San Juan and a commission by the composer Manuel Ceide, and Alea 21 (May 2013, San Juan.Puerto Rico)


-World Premier of  “Reminiscences” by the String Orchestra Eternal Music, conducted by Guido López Gavilán. XXVI International Festival of Havana, October 2013.


-World Premier of  “Dance with me in the Dark” Festival Latin is America 2013.

1st Edition. Commission by the saxophone player James Forger: Dean of music by Michigan State University (MSU April 2013). (EUA)


-World Premier of “Oshosi” (Live Electronic version). Opening Concert to the Composition Award Casa de las Americas 2013. Havana, April 2013.


-As a distinction, selected scores to Maureen Reyes are part of the musical art collection of the Casa de las Americas in Havana, Cuba. April 2013.


-Winner of Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Satoshi Okamoto, double bass & Pascual Martinez Forteza, clarinet for the Composer’s Voice concert series. World premiere of “Haiku to the frog”. April 2013, New York City. EUA.  


-Cuban premier of  “South winds” Series of Concerts in collaboration with Shepherd Scholl of Music REMLABS - Rice Electronic Music Labs and composers to the LNME. (Havana, February and March 2013). Also she was the musical curator to the program presented in both editions.


-Performance of “Pulse of Life” by International Electroacoustic Music Festival: MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING 2012. October 2012, Beijing, China. Also she was the musical curator to the program presented by the Cuban Confederation of Electroacoustic Music.


-USA Premier of  “Generation” by Ensamble Pi directed by Idith Meshulam Korman, in the IAWM Annual Concert 2012. University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). October 2012, Baltimore. EUA.


-5 Festival of Contemporary Music: Sonoridades Alternativas. September 2012, La Plata. Argentina.


-World Premier of  “South winds”. Concert in the BBVA Foundation, Palacio Marqués de Salamanca. Commission by the flutist Anna Margules. April 2012, Madrid. Spain.


- XVIII International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, Vanguard and Technological Art: “Punto de Encuentro”. November, Planetary Elder: Museum of Science and Technology. November 2011, Gran Canarias. Spain.


-World Premier of “Oshosi” Concert at Berklee Colleague of Music (Electronic, Production and Design Department) September 2011, Boston. EUA.


w III Spring Electroacoustic at Valencia organized by the Association of Electroacoustic Music to Spain (AMEE) and the Club Diario Levante. May 2010, Valencia. Spain


-Cuban Premier of  “Beyond the Thrust…¿?”. By the String Orchestra Eternal Music, conducted by Guido López Gavilán. XXIV International Festival of Havana and meeting of the College of Latin American composers. (October 2010, Havana. Cuba)


-Most outstanding graduate student of the School of Music and the University of the Arts. (ISA) Academic Course 2009-2010. July 2010, Havana, Cuba.


-Cuban Premier of “Pulse of Life” and “Generation” XIII International Festival of Electroacoustic Music “Spring in Havana“ and Meeting of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (CIME/UNESCO). May 2010, Havana. Cuba.


-1st Trans disciplinary International Symposium: ¿Es posible pensar Latinoamérica? Madrid ASOEX-UAM. November 2011, Madrid. Spain.


-World Premier of “Pulse of Life” International festival “Instrumenta Contemporary”. September-October, 2009, Mexico D.F. Mexico.


-International Electroacoustic Music Festival “Emufest” S. Cecilia Conservatory. October 2011, Rome. Italy.


-XXXI International Forum of New Music “Manuel Enríquez” with the Mexican Premier of the piece: “Beyond the Thrust…¿?” Performed by the Coyoacan Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Enrique Barrios. June 2009, Morelia. Mexico.


-“Tsonami Buenos Aires International Festival” May 2011, Buenos Aires. Argentina


-International festival of composition ''Callejón del Ruido'' October 2009, Guanajuato. México. 


-2nd Prize in the 1st UNEAC Competition in Composition “Harold Gramatges” December 2009, Havana. Cuba.


-Premier of “Reborn”. International Festival “Instrumenta Oaxaca” October 2008, Oaxaca. Mexico.


-World Premier of “Steps found”. Amadeo Roldan Theater. July 2007, Havana-Cuba. Score edited by the Embassy of Spain.


-Two 1st Prizes and Three Honorary Mentions, in the International Competition in Composition ¨Musicalia¨. (Editions June 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009). (ISA) Havana, Cuba.

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