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Press Photos

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Berklee 2011

Other Photos

Concert with Versa String Quartet, Maureen Reyes and Dr. Orlando J. García in FIU. Florida, April 2017.

Masterclass with Augusta Reed Thomas, Dr. Orlando J. Garcia and FIU students. Florida, Spring 2016.

Concert with Apollo Chamber Players, Maureen Reyes and Dr. Arthur Gottschalk. Houston, April 2016.

Faculty Scholarship Award FIU. Florida May, 2016.

(Left to right) With Dr. Orlando J. Garcia, Maureen Reyes, and Dr. Robert Dundas, Dean of FIU, School of Music. Florida, May 2016.

Reading of the Orchestra piece "Canto Negro" by Dr. Orlando J. Garcia and Fiu Orchestra. Florida, February 2017.

(Left to right) With Dr. Robert Dundas, Dr. Mesut Özgen, Felipe Carvajal, Marcus Norris, Maureen Reyes, Dr. Joel Galand and Dr. Jacob Sudol. FIU. Florida, May 2017.

Rehearsal for the concert in the Conservatory of Music to San Juan, Puerto Rico. 2013. With Alea 21 and the singer Diana Fuentes.

Concert in the Conservatory of Music to San Juan. With Manuel Ceide and Alea 21 (2013, Puerto Rico)

(Left to Right) Manuel Ceide, Maureen Reyes, Rafael Aponte Ledee. Conference in the Conservatory of Music to Puerto Rico. 2013.

(Left to right) Marielena Vinueza (president of music Casa de las Américas, Cuba), Rodrigo Sigal (Director of CMMAS Mexico), Alfredo Rugeles (Venezuela), Maureen Reyes, Carlos A. Vázquez (Puerto Rico), Guido López Gavilan (President of music UNEAC, Cuba) and Manuel Ceide (Puerto Rico). Opening Concert: V International Award of Composition Casa de las Américas 2013. Havana, Cuba.

Opening Concert: V International Award of Composition Casa de las Américas 2013. Bata Drums: Frank Fuentes, Synthesizer and voice: Maureen Reyes.

(Left to right) Ricardo Lorenz, Deborah Moriarty, Maureen Reyes, James Forger and Mark Sullivan. Latin is America Festival, after the the concert premiere of Maureen's piece. Michigan, April 2013.

(Left to right) Hsiao-Lan Wang outgoing IAWM president, moderator, Maureen Reyes Lavastida, Jerry Casey, Mara Helmuth, Molly Joyce, Heather Stebbins, and Kanako Okamoto. Before the 2012 Annual Concert at University of Maryland Baltimore County, composers presented a panel discussion about issues on International contemporary music.

Maureen Reyes, after a Conference in Michigan State University, with Students of music. 2013.

Maureen Reyes and Guido López Gavilán. Conference in the International Festival of Havana. 2012

(Right to Left) Neil Leonard Professor of Berklee College of Music, Maureen Reyes. Boston, 2011.

(Left to Right) Composers Maureen Reyes, Ricardo de Armas (Argentina), Sara Ross (Portugal), Herman Barahona (Honduras) Ivette Herrymann (Cuba), Yanier Hechevarria (Cuba). Visiones Sonoras 2009, Morelia Michoacán, México.

(Left to Right) Juan Piñera, Maureen Reyes, Alfredo Diez Nieto. Maureen´s professors of composition and theory.

Maureen Reyes with the outstanding composer Harold Gramatges.

Maureen Reyes with Leo Brouwer. Award Ceremony Tomas Luis de Victoria to Leo Brouwer. Madrid 2010.

With Dr. Arthur Gottschalk. The Shepherd School of Music. Houston, April 2016.

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