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Electroacoustic and mix



Blue Journey in a Yellow Cube (2017)

Multimedia work


Mileydy Artiles, video.

Maureen Reyes Lavastida, music: Fixed media work.


Entering in the city (2016)

Fixed Media.

Quadraphonic version.


ReCycle (2014)

for Synthesizer and Live Electronic


Excerpt (3´30´´)

OSHOSI (2013)

Version for Singer, Electric guitar, Synthesizer, Bata drums, Electric Bass, Dancer and live electronic.


Entrando en la ciudad (2013)

for Violin, Piano, Marimba, Cajon, Triangle, Crash Cymbal, Snare drum, Kick drum and Electronics


Commissioned by and written for Manuel Ceide and Alea 21

Vientos del Sur (2012)

for Paetzold D-Bass in F Flute and Electronics


Commissioned by and written for Anna Margules

Excerpt  (2´)

World premier: Anna Margueles (Fl)

                            Maureen Reyes (Electronic) 

OSHOSI (2011)

for Synthesizer and Live Electronic

Written for the Deparment of electronic production and Design. Berklee College of Music. Boston

Excerpt  (1´24´´)


Pulse of life (2009)

Fixed Media

Excerpt (2´13´´) 

Generation (2009)

for Piano and Electronic


Excerpt (1´08´´) 

Renacer (2008)

for cello, marimba, triángle and electronic

9´50 ´´

Bongó en trance. (2008)

Fixed Media

Excerpt (1´ 38´´)

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